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Power Rake

Power rake is a versatile attachment for soil grading, levelling, raking, and removing of debris. It can be used, for instance, for preparing seedbeds, cutting grades, grading dirt roads and gravel roads, and cleaning up and grading different types of sites.

Power rake mills the soil to max. 65 mm depth. The shaft is equipped with extra hard tungsten carbide teeth. Driving direction is forward and the shaft rotates against the driving direction. The removable side plates make soil moving and directioning even more efficient.

The rake is equipped with two adjustable support wheels and it can be turned to max. +/- 30 degrees angle.

The clearance between the frame and shaft of the power rake allows soil to move around the rake axle which guarantees efficient milling. There is also a splash guard above the axle.

Two models and working widths available: 1500 mm with manual or hydraulic turning, and 1800 mm with hydraulic turning (intended especially for 700 and 800 series).

600, 700, 860i and R35 series

Model 15001800
Working width1480 mm1780 mm
Total width1773 mm2074 mm
Working depthmax 65 mmmax 65 mm
Turning angle+/- 30°+/- 30°
Length1210 mm1210 mm
Height 670 mm670 mm
Weight315 kg340 kg
Product no.,
manual turning
Product no.,
hydraulic turning

The optional Opticontrol® is required on the loader with hydraulic turning model.