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Grabbing Tool

Grabbing tool is mainly intended for lifting and handling of round objects. It is especially suited for lifting of barrels and plant and tree pots. Grabbing force can be adjusted, which means all kinds of objects can be handled without damaging them.

Grabbing tool is equipped with two smaller, rubber padded grabs which allow handling of smaller and more fragile objects as well. When the grab is opened completely it can take larger objects like barrels, bigger plant pots etc.

  • Easiest way to lift and transport plants, trees, barrels etc. withoutdamaging them
  • Excellent tool for nurseries and landscapers
  • With the optional tilt adapter or attachment rotator mounted on the grabbing tool it is also to possible to rotate the objects

400, 500, 600, 700, 800 R and E series


Conical grabbers – for objects with conical shape like plant pots A421030
Barrel grabbers – for completely round objects like barrels A421031
Tilt adapter 90 degrees A36505
Attachment rotator A424406
(requires second auxiliary hydraulics outlet in the front)

Min. grab diameter250 mm
Max. grab diameter1200 mm
Max. load650 kg
Weight95 kg
Product noA34290