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Centrifugal Sand or Salt Spreader

Property Maintenance

Centrifugal sand or salt spreader is the right choice for winter maintenance of large areas. Spreading area can be adjusted from 2 to 6 meters which guarantees fast and efficient spreading. The spreading amount can be adjusted quickly and easily from the side of the attachment.

  • Fast spreading on large areas
  • Suitable for precise spreading of different granular materials
  • Manually adjustable spreading width
  • Rear mounting also possible (700 series only)


Spreading width 0,8-6 m
Volume 250 l
Max. load 500 kg
Weight 130 kg
Product no:
* Front mounting A21183
* Rear mounting (700 series) A36523 *

** Rear mounting possible on 700 series only. Requires also attachment mounting plate in the rear (A36552) and double acting auxiliary hydraulics outlet in the rear.


Electric spreading amount and width adjustment A37301

** The loader must be equipped with attachment control switch pack (option).