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Artificial Turf Maintenance Brush

The brush is intended for the daily and weekly maintenance of artificial turf fields. It does not limit or prevent the use of the artificial turf attachment ATA1200, because ATA1200 is intended for monthly maintenance of the field.

The main function of the maintenance brush is to brush up the compacted field’s fibers in order to make the field softer again. It also distributes the infill (rubber, cork or sand) evenly so that the field stays softer longer time as well. It is equipped with a floating attachment bracket which makes sweeping easier and boom floating on the loader is not necessary.

  • Efficient and economical daily and weekly maintenance with a 3 m wide brush
  • Three-phase brushing with three brushes: straight-angle-straight Floating quick attach bracket
  • Not intended for deep cleaning of artificial turf fields

200, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 R & E Series

Working width2925 mm
Total width3032 mm
Length1300 mm
Weight135 kg
Product noA37058